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Tree Detail for Tilia americana var. americana located at 37 16.149 N, 76 42.169 W

Tree Information
Common Name: American basswood Circumference: 253
Species: Height: 105
Scientific Name: Tilia americana var. americana Crown: 80
Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia Points: 378
Status: dead Date Last Measured: 1991
National Champion: no Last Measured by:
Date First Measured:
Comments: Colonial Williamsburg arborist reports that the tree collapsed on a calm, sunny day.


Location of Tree - State Map
Tree is located in: City of Williamsburg Land Owner: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, contact: Tony Craig, tree crew foreman
GPS Coordinates: 37 16.149 N, 76 42.169 W Owner Email:
The tree is within the boundaries of historic Colonial Williamsburg, located in a bull pasture on the corner of Francis Street and Nassau Street.

Owner Address:

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Owner Phone: 757 565-8374


Contact Information
Contact Name: William S. Hubard
Contact Email: Contact Address:

Contact Phone:
Contact Info: Nominator


Original Nominator(s): William S. Hubard
Other Nominators:


Additional Information

I.D. Fact Sheet

Landowner Fact Sheet




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